Welcome to savantprogrammers.com the official site of the unofficial savantprogrammers IRC channel!

Our channel is located on irc.foonetic.net and is called #savantprogrammers.

Normally there are a handful of people idling during Eastern time zone hours and a few folks picking up UK and NZ time zones (thanks Jordan and Zero1_Paul!). This is all about dealer to dealer communication and help. Frequent topics of discussion include scripting, UI customization, Blueprint headaches and of course beer.

The two channel rules are to be kind to others and to just jump in and chat. Don’t ask if you can ask a question, just do it!

Please make sure to check out the channel news tab at the top of this page and to sign the guestbook with your IRC nickname so that others will know how to get ahold of you off and on the channel.


This site is dedicated to providing information on how to join the IRC channel as well as upcoming news and channel events. Check back often as you never know what information could pop up.

For now, please check out the official #savantprogrammers IRC client of choice at:


Find out how to install and configure it with this kinda boring YouTube video. Make sure that you fill in our server, irc.foonetic.net and our channel #savantprogrammers in the requisite boxes.: